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Uncommon Redesigns on WAVY 10!

WHEW! 2020 was such an unpredictable year...for good and bad. I totally had a love hate relationship with it, but I started focusing on the positive side of things. You know, the silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel. Doing this changed everything! I truly learned how to manifest want I needed and wanted. When I added the new line of service (Creative Workshops) I knew I needed to get the word out in a big way. I ran my Facebook and IG ads and talked about Uncommon Redesigns as much as I could, but I needed more. Well WAVY 10 learned about the workshops on social media and reached out to cover my story and the Resin Tray workshop. WHAT!!!?!?! I am so thankful for the experience! The team at WAVY 10 are the kindest souls! They even helped out our guest during the workshop! This experience has really helped get the word out on this new hidden gem in Virginia Beach! Check out the coverage below!

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