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Q. Are there age restrictions for workshops?

A. Yes. Some of our workshops involve chemicals that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Therefore children are excluded from attending. We do host creative workshops appropriate for children. You can find the age requirements for each workshop in the description of the event. 

Q. What are you doing to keep guest safe during the current pandemic?

A. Safety is our top priority. We have safety measures in place. Limited guests at each workshop, social distancing, we installed an air ventilation system, sanitize workstations & restroom between each workshop, and provide antibacterial soap & hand sanitizer. 

Q. What do I need to bring to the workshops?

A. We provide all supplies, otherwise stated in the description of the specific event. If you have your own apron, feel free to bring it. You do want to always wear closed toe shoes.

Q. Can my friend or family member come just to watch?

A. Unfortunately no. Due to the limited space, all guest must reserve a workstation.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. We don't do refunds, but you can reschedule to a future workshop. You have 6 months to use your reschedule. 

Q. Can I take pictures and videos during the workshop?

A. Yes! We encourage it. Feel free to tag our social handles and check-in as well. We only ask for you to be careful, since you can have paint/resin on your gloves that could damage your phone. 

Q. I'm not very artistic, can I still attend a creative workshop?

A. Yes!! No pressure. Most of our workshops will be for all levels. We do plan to host workshops for more experienced artist, but those workshops will clearly state this in the description. 

Q. I have a theme suggestion for a future creative workshop. How can I share this? 

A. Awesome! You can email us at

Q. Can I book a private workshop for an event?

A. Yes. complete this form and we will get back to you asap!

Q. I see some of your workshops requires the artwork to dry/cure at the studio overnight. I am unable to pick up the next day. How can I get my art? 

A. No worries! You have a few options for getting your artwork. You can pick it up on a different day (during our business hours), we can ship your art (shipping charges depend on the size of your artwork and the shipping destination), or we can package your art for you to take the same day (at your own risk). 

Q. What should I wear to the workshop?

A. Some workshops are messier than others. We do provide aprons, but we suggest you wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting messy. If you have plans immediately after, feel free to use our restroom to change clothes. Keep in mind that we only have single private restroom. 

Q. Are your workshops wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes! Our workstations can accommodate guests in wheelchairs. Please notify us before the workshop, so we can have it ready for the guest. 

Q. Do you have photos of past workshops?

A. Yes! You can view our photo gallery here or visit out Instagram account.

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