Charie Williams

Founder and Owner of Uncommon Redesigns

Charie Williams is a Furniture Redesigner, speaker, philanthropist, military spouse, mother, and owner of Uncommon Redesigns, a furniture flipping business that also host creative workshops in Virginia Beach, VA.

Originally from Houston, TX, Charie has traveled from LA to Egypt to find inspiration which has influenced her creative style and processes. She specializes in mixing modern with classic/antique styles and accents her work with her own free-spirited touch. Redesigning and restoration are equally important and she understands and respects the history behind antique and vintage furniture. An avid painter, Charie also creates canvas art and home decor.

Charie has spent most of her career in the nonprofit sector, and is also the founder of Redesign to Rebuild, a relief effort providing free redesigned furniture to people in need. Giving back is a must!

Her passion to help people turn their talent into income initiated the founding of Furniture Flippers 2.0, a free furniture flipping and restoration community that gives a diverse group of furniture redesigners a platform to showcase their work and seek support. She developed the first and only furniture flipper's price calculator app.

In her spare time, Charie enjoys family time, date nights with her husband, watching documentaries, traveling, and listening to music.