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One year ago, we moved into our little commercial garage and starting hosting creative workshops for all skill levels. We just wanted to share the joys of art and provide a creative outlet. So much can happen in a year. We went from only hosting weekend workshops to hosting during the week. We went from one employee to six amazing employees. Landed a WAVY-TV10 feature. Donated over $1600 of in-kind donations to local non-profits, and now we are moving to a new location November 1st! We couldn't have done all this without YOU! Thank you!

New address: 236 Clearfield Ave. Suite 207 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

For the month of November, our team will be busy preparing the new studio. we hope to have the studio open for in-person workshops in November, but most likely our grand reopening will be in December. Sign up for our 'live' virtual resin tray workshops in November. Moving into our new studio will allow us to hosts larger private events, which can include food, separate seating, full sized cakes, and more! Customizing private workshops to fit your needs. Thank you again and we hope to see you at our grand reopening! (Details will be in next month's email so make sure to subscribe.)


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