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2021 Uncommon Redesigns Highlights

2021 was a huge year for us as a business. From several new workshops to moving studio spaces, 2021 had the momentum of expansion and growth. In the spirit of nostalgia and appreciation, here's a look at what happened for us throughout the year.

New Workshops, Merch, and At-Home Kits

In 2021, we have been able to expand the range and the variety of creative workshops we offer. While keeping our Resin Tray, Neon Glow, and Art is Therapy alcohol ink classes as staples, our calendar grew to include:

Resin Beaches Macrame

Collage Art

Resin Earrings

Resin Galaxy

Resin Coasters

Also, in 2021 we launched our at-home resin kits that come with everything you need and a step by step video guide for creating your own masterpiece at home. Purchase one here.

Get our new merchandise styles here.

Be on the look out for our new workshops coming in January 2022 including:

Yoga With Lian Partnership

Art is Therapy gained a wonderful partnership with Yogi Lian. Lian has added to Art Is Therapy by leading a meditative sound bath prior to the creative aspect of alcohol ink painting. Additionally, Lian is helping to curate more yoga-centric creative workshops for 2022 with Uncommon Redesigns. Lian serves the Hampton Roads area offering a wide variety of yoga, reiki, and other practices of resilience and wellness. You can check out Yoga With Lian here.

Selden Market

This summer we had the pleasure to host a wire wrapping crystal booth a Selden Market's New Moon Market. Selden Market is an entrepreneurial market where local small businesses in the Hampton Roads area are able to sell their goods, collaborate, and make connections with the local community. We got to meet many new people and enjoyed this unique opportunity. With a rotating line up of booths and themes, Selden Market is a truly unique market hosted in downtown Norfolk, VA. Check them out here.


This autumn, we began working with YellowHab. YellowHab (born from the mind of Pharrell Williams' non-profit YELLOW) is an immersive educational experience that focuses on the individual child. At Uncommon Redesigns, we believe art is for everyone and that art is therapy; we are lucky to be able to live out this message by working with students and meeting them where they are with YellowHab's education team. We look forward to continuing to work with these future artists in the coming year!

Thank you to all of our donors who allowed us to provide gift cards and cookies for the kids at our last session of 2021!

Moving Studios

Last but not least, we moved studios in November of this year. We started in a humble space (pictured below before and after the remodel) with our signature wall, garage door, hot summers, and small working space. While we are beyond grateful to our original location serving as a springboard for our business, we have since upgraded to a larger, multi-functional space (also pictured below). Come make something with us in 2022!

Thank you to each and every one who came out to a workshop, ordered an at-home kit, promoted us, supported us, and collaborated with us during 2021. We are beyond grateful to get to create with you. Art is therapy and art is for everyone. See you in 2022!


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