Hardware removed for cleaning 

Cleaned hardware and it reveled a brass finish. I will work on smoothing them out more. 

Drawers removed for sanding 


Hardware removed for sanding 



Filled in some surface imperfections. 


A closer look

We have been playing the drying game! Here  is a close look at the shine. Those are not brush strokes it is the wood grain. This is shiny it looks wet!

A closer look!

First coat of paint

Painted hardware

Closer look at the drawers. These are dry as well. Next will be add the hardware! Almost finished! The lighting in my shop is very orange. The color blue is not being seen properly. It is a very vibrant color!

First coat of paint

Your dresser has three coats of paint on it. This is a close up of the top dried. You can still see the wood grain. 

Finished and scheduled to be shipped on 7/18! Look at that shine! 


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